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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kate and Bailey

Kate is (saying YEE HAW with an English accent). BI LOVE cowboy hats. I was so excited when I found it and it fit. I get very sad when I find a cool hat and it doesn't fit. UGH! If it doesn't fit "Lori" wont buy it for me.

The dress and hat I am wearing was worn to a wedding. We found the purple dress at the thrift shop (with the tags still on $5) and "Lori" had to alter it to fit me (lots of altering). It was purple and shiny, what more could I have asked for in a party dress? However, I knew I had to Baileyfi this outfit. I am all about sparkle and colors. So "Lori" added an underlining of a rainbow tulle. She also used some of the tulle to make a belt and decorate the hat. I loved it when it was all done. It made me turn circles. It is amazing what $3 worth of tulle can do for an outfit. OH! I forgot to tell you the cowboy hat was found at a thrift shop as well (.50 cents). So the whole out fit cost less than $10. I think I also got the shoes at a thrift shop.

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