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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Challenge for You!

I wore this to Aunt Ivy's birthday dinner the other night. I want yall to tell me how yall think the outfit goes together. Look at the whole outfit from my hat to my shoes. Leave your idea in the comment section. The one I pick will win a flower or red lip stick from me. Your choice!


  1. The pink in the hat match the pink in the shirt. The green in the shirt matches the green pants. Shoes have all the colors in them.

  2. Green shirt with green pants
    Pink in hat with pink in shirt
    Shoes are multi-colored.

    Bailey it was such fun with the red lipstick the other night. I love your new profile pic on FB.

  3. The outfit is so cute on a cute, cute Bailey! I still want the split britches! LOL...HUGS...