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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Money can inspirer You...

I am not even sure where to begin on this outfit. I am all about our great country and the American dollar.
American do-rag, is always a great item to add to your ward robe.
Camo pants are also a staple in my ward robe and should be in yours as well. You can wear them just about anywhere and show your support to our awesome military men and women.
Now the shirt was not planned at all, while living in the Heights we would go to some awesome resale shops. "Lori" found this shirt and showed it to me and it was love at first site. It is the American flag, the American dollar and has rhinestones all over it. What more could a girl ask for????? If you look closely you will see my favorite rain boots...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Flowers and Guitars!!!!!!!

I love my flowery headband...I think this is one of my favorite things to wear, I just don't get to wear it often...When I purchased this shirt I knew it was the perfect piece to go with this headband....
This outfit brings out the Rocker girl in me...It makes me feel like the rock star I would love to be. It is a little "nice girl" and a little "wild girl" which is an awesome feeling...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Matching Patterns...........

This look is more for the free spirits than the novice dresses. So just think be patient at first and make it fit your style with a twist of "ME". Each time you try it please make it a little more like mine as much as you can. Are are going to feel uncomfortable at first but you will get it. The more you try it and the more you push yourself out of your comfort zone the closer you will be to a free spirit. One day you will be able to call yourself a free spirit as well. It is a great place to be.....
Okay as you can see, big flower hats are great for going bowling as well. Big hats make you feel pretty and free. This one makes me feel like a nature princess.
So you are asking yourself how to these items match. Well, just read and you will see. The hat is black, white and hot pink. The dress is black, white and lime green. The intensity of the colors are the same. They both have patterns that are flowy and free. Kind of like water on the ocean.
This dress is one of my favorites because it is bouncie and flowy. I can spin in it and it just flies....The hat makes me feel like a princess of nature....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Public Service Announcement"

Sometimes we need to wear a shirt that warns people ahead of time what they are in for. That way they can't say "What is up with ________?" They will know ahead of time why you are acting that way.
I have been having a rough few weeks, actually I am still not 100%. I found this shirt in my bedroom and thought to myself "Maybe if I wear this people will know to stay away". So if you need a shirt like this and can't find one that fits you, make it yourself or go to a print shop and ask them to make you one.
So please put on the "Public Service Announcement"!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I what you are saying right now. You are saying, I can't pull this look off. It is a very easy look compared to some of the others
I will share with you later. The colors in the shirt to actual match the colors in the pants. The blue and the black are in the shirt. With finishing touches being the rain boots with a peace sign. So now you can see how everything matches.
You might be asking yourself "how can she be wearing peace signs everywhere and a bandanna that is camouflaged"? Well, that is just how I roll so just move on.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Add a big flower hat!

Every lady should have a Big Flower Hat! You can wear them to church, to parties, to the park, or even to the beach. Your wardrobe is not complete without one. So go crazy with it and if you feel strange at first it is okay because that is natural. You will be the star of the show, I promise.

Monday, August 23, 2010

My first post....

This blog is going to be about me teaching you about my style.... It will bring out the inner child in you when you try it for the first time...
Lets start with your lips, this is one way you can feel pretty without putting on a pretty dress. Try a bright red like this one. As soon as I put in on my lips it made me feel so happy. It brought a sense of power to my inner power woman out. So as soon as possible try a red and send me your picture and I will post it. Thank you for playing along.