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Thursday, March 22, 2012

I love cars!

I love all kinds of cool cars... Small ones with no top are my favorite...


  1. Hi Bailey! I also love cars, especially the vintage ones. There’s always a rustic and classy feeling whenever I see one. My grandpa owns a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle. Since the car is made of metal, and metal is prone to rusting. I volunteered to wash it twice a week and wax it monthly to keep the paint in good condition. I hope someday Grandpa would let me drive it. Hehe! =)

    - Clint Moore

  2. Hi Bailey, I am going to school to be a teacher and we are supposed to interview an exceptional student for one of my classes.

    Would you like to share some of your wisdom by answering a few questions?

    - What are your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun?

    - What did you like most about school?

    - What would you change about school?

    - Anything else you would like to share?

  3. Cool cars are fascinating inventions! The third car is sizzling hot! Well, it's really cool how exterior car designing can change the overall look of the car. Before, it takes a lot of time and resources to have a personalized design. But now, it's as easy and a lot cheaper. :)

    Erwin Calverley

  4. They are all indeed cool! :) There is just that certain swag among convertible or no top cars, don’t you think? ;) By the way, these cars also have nice paint job. The right maintenance should always be observed, though, to keep it in good condition. Using a car cover when the car will be left in an open area for a long time could help in preserving the car’s paint and surface.

    Tyra Shortino