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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Golden Birthday Yesterday!

I had never heard of a Golden Birthday until this year... Very interesting thought... "Lori's" golden birthday was her 7th birthday, sad! Anyway, I had a great day yesterday.. "Lori" took me to a fast food Italian Restaurant and then tonight we had Chinese food.. I would like to thank everyone for the sweet thoughts, they really made me smile...

Here are some of the sweet notes I got yesterday!

Codie sent this one: Happy Birthday to my AWESOME Sister-In-Law Bailey. I couldn't ask for a better SIL. I always wanted to marry someone with sister that could be my friend, and keep me grounded and remind me that Her brother was an Idiot everytime we fought. But instead I got a sister in law that will always keep me young. Who teaches me that instead of being angry, you love them more because you wouldn't be upset if you didn't love them so fiercely. Who teaches me to dance with my arms wide open and to the beat of my own drum (She'd say do it naked, But I prefer clothed). Who teaches me that everyday is a new day to do something with your life that you'll remember. Happy Birthday Bailey!
Happy Birthday Bailey...You have taught me so much by just being you...You surprise me every time I see you. Love you! from Stephanie Hall...
Wishing my girlfriend, Bailey,
A very happy birthday!
I love and miss you!
I'm hoping I can see you soon! — with

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